Friday, February 13, 2009

PS!! Jessica told me about a website called Shabby Princess which is where I got some of the graphics and paper I used. The one on the Holy Ghost was an old map I downloaded and the compass is also one I found on a website. This is really fun to do!

By the way, I will update the blog and get the Christmas things off! I am slow this year. Michael and Kecia brought the kids over this afternoon and said something about my red Christmas bows on the lights out front! I had forgotten they were there! I guess I could pretend they are there for Valentine's Day!

Well, you certainly CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Some of you know I have been taking online classes for a few years from Eclectic Academy. These are 6 week classes for $30 a class. I would highly recommend them if you want to learn more for fun and cheap! I've taken all the Photoshop Elements classes offered. I decided to practice some of the techniques we learned this "term" with my handouts for the Laurel class. (I am now the Laurel advisor and teach every week except for the first Sunday.)
Since we only have 5 Laurels, it is pretty cheap for me. I do not print them at home. I upload them to Walgreens and have them print them off, so for a dollar or two I can have pretty nice-looking 4 x6 picture/handouts!~
I have not updated my blog due to taking the class, submitting a lot of homework, and working on Tim's website. If any of you want to download these pictures and use them, go ahead!