Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prayer and Meditation Handout

I've been working on my lesson for Sunday and came up with this for a handout. Walgreens has a special again, so I got them printed on a good deal -- 10 cents each. If anyone wants to use it, go ahead!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

OOPS! Red eyes

I did not do any edits on the pictures I added, so if you zoom in on them, you will see lovely red eyes on my grandchildren! I was ina hurry to get them here, so will work on them more. If anyone really likes one, and wants to use it, let me know and I'll get the red eyes out first.
Grandpa and Sam eating at McDonald's! We loved going to Walmart in Maryland. It was lunchtime so of course we had to get Sam lunch! YUM
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At David's House 2009

The David and Stacy Six!!
Madison. She turned 14 on June 7. I can't believe I have a grandchild that OLD!!
Grandpa and Sam at McDonald's
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Joshua with Grandpa. Joshua is now the ripe old age of 12!
Ellie in the tree in their backyard.
Grandma with Emily.
Grandma and Ellie. I can only put in 4 pictures at a time, so will be back with a few more. I tried to get these uploaded before, and it did not work... I'm glad I did not lose the pictures!
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David's family, April 2009

This is Jake, age 10, holding a basketball!! (for those of you who are not into sports!!!)
Joshua and Jake on their club house in the backyard.
David playing "army"~
Emily! She is a happy little thing!
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Kecia's Birthday

Michael, Kecia, and family came over on Friday for a BBQ to celebrate Kecia's birthday on Sunday. It took FOREVER for me to get this picture... The kids were really being silly and refusing to smile, or even look at me,but I managed to get this one!
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Rachel and Will drove from Montana, arriving Friday evening. We have had a good time with them. Stephen took this of us today. It is kind of a goofy picture, but it is a picture anyway!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Becky's visit in February

Becky and her son Chandler came to visit one weekend in February. It was great to see them! Here are Becky and Michael.
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David's family

David and Stacy gave us a great gift for Tim's birthday in April -- airfare to go back and see them! We were able to be there when Joshua (by Stacy) turned 12. He was ordained to the office of a deacon. It was a very special day. Madison just turned 14. She is holding Emily. I have had a hard time uploading other pictures for some reason, but will keep trying!
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Making Cookies with Grandma

Posted by PicasaMichael and Kecia attended a funeral last Saturday, June 6. They brought the kids over and we had a lot of fun playing Old Maid, hide and go seek inside, and watching a movie. We also made chocolate chip cookies!! They had fun stirring. Note in the last picture, Cade is sitting on the counter. London assigned Cole to be the bowl-holder! The cookies were delicious!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Inspiring Quote

Many of you know my friend Barbara is dealing with a very strange and painful disease, which has caused her to lose feeling in her hands and both feet. She has had it for 6 months and keeps getting worse, yet her attitude is great. She keeps trying to do things and succeeds, even though it takes a lot of time and effort. She made pumpkin bread which was delicious but took her a very long time, since she has little control of her hands and fingers, so drops things. Our RS newsletter had a quote this month that Barbara liked and wanted to cut out, so I decided to see if I could doctor it up a bit. I had a lot of fun with some of the things I have learned with the photoshop elements classes I have taken, and hope to keep taking! Here is what I did. I love the message!!!