Monday, May 25, 2009

This obviously was taken on Easter many years ago!! I hopeyou all get a chuckle out of these expressions and look at the socks!
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TKC Family

Well, looky here!! This is before Stephen was born, but I wanted you all to see the Chandler 5! This was taken when we lived in our little house on Brockman Rd., when Tim was the bishop. If you can guess who each child is, you get a prize!! I am not sure when it was taken, but Jessica was born in 1978. I can't tell if she was a year or not here??? any guesses?

By the way, I was just uploading pictures from Becky and Chandler's visit here a couple of months ago, and Tim and my visit to see David's family last month, and none got imported from the CD I had made for some reason. Now I am too tired to try again, so will add more tomorrow.

Rachel left us a message while we were gone today. She said that she caught a fish! yay for her on her first try!... We went to a picnic on a tree farm in Sweet Home today. Some people we work with at the temple have this large farm, hay ride, picnic area, etc. It was a lot of fun! One of the couples we work with at the temple actually went fishing at 4 a.m. before the picnic!! The wife was exhausted and neither caught anything! We had a lot of fun out there in Sweet Home today. It was sunny, too, and we have sunburn!
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Michael, Kecia and kids came over. It was a beautiful day, so we spent time on the deck. Michael's kids are quite the climbers! He told them how he and his siblings used to climb up the siding to get to the roof!! London and Cade did it and then Cole tried, but needed his daddy's help. I hope you can see all the pictures. Maybe this collage has too many on it. Let me know what you all think!
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I am learning more about Picassa's features which are great, by the way. This is my first attempt at a collage. I hope that you can zoom in and see them better. Hayley is now 6 1/2. She found the rock in the garden and it has "sparklies" in it and so she thinks it came from a volcano! Danika turned 5 the day before these pictures were taken and she was very excited to hold up 5 fingers!

Let's take a vote on the hat!!!!!!!
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Here are the 3 girls who went: Risa, Jessica, and Marissa. We went to DQ afterwards. The girls all had their cameras and were intrigued with all the beautiful flowers and took tons of pictures. We are all putting them into Picassa so we can share the pictures with the girls!
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This is a picture taken from the back side of the temple. I wanted everyone who thinks Oregon is grey and gloomy to see the BLUE sky!! It was a gorgeous evening, taken around 8 p.m.
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I have not done any editing on this picture. We had only 3 Laurels this evening, but we had fun. You can see their reflection in the pool! The tulips were at the end of their blooming, but these did not look too bad.

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Spring in Oregon

Spring is here! It is gorgeous. We took the Laurels on Wednesday to the temple and got some pictures of some flowers I will post here. I've been slacking on my blog and will try to catch up here. I've been havng sooooooooo much fun learning more digital scrapbooking. I am not taking a Photoshop Elements class for a few months so that will give me time to get caught up on things.

I've been doing more YW handouts and will add a few here. Remember I am an amateur and learn things each time I do them!! The one below is from the lesson on keeping records.

This one is for the lesson on honoring the priesthood.

This one is for the lesson on keeping our covenants.

I guess you can tell this one was for the lesson on the priesthood!