Thursday, September 3, 2009


I love this picture of Hayes looking at his mommy! He loves her and shows it.

I have had fun here in sunny Clovis. Becky is doing well with baby #4, and the three older kids love him. Jason has a new job and we went to his office the other day. I am trying to figure out how to add more pictures when I do a post... it is hard to have to keep going back and adding more and I want everyone to see a group on one post.
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Jessica said...

Everyone says he looks like Davis but all I see is Chandler! What a cute picture!!

David and Amy said...

That is such a sweet picture, what a beautiful mom and baby!

Rebecca said...

I forgot to show you how to add more pictures! When you upload a picture there's a button at the top that reads, "add more pictures" click on it. You can upload 5 at a time, and then add 5 more to same post after those are uploaded.

Jay and Emily said...

Very cute! That is fun you were able to spend time with them. We'll see you this Sunday! YAY!